Engaged Minds: A Gamification Workshop™

Gamification is often undermined as the usage of points or leaderboards to motivate people. Yet, gamification is much more than that, it is an experience.

In our workshops we teach participants how to explore the possibility of aligning the interests of the organization with those of the employees, consumers or community. The alignment of interests is the first step in the process of designing a gamification solution and it allows us to decide whether a gamification solution is compatible with the problem it aims to address. Gamification solutions are only efficient when the interests of the organization and those of its target audience can be aligned.

Next, participants are taught our unique approach to designing gamification solutions in which we combine our own innovation pipeline, The Zebra Hunter Strategy, with advanced gamification techniques. The combination of the two allows us to teach the participants how to motivate a target audience in the most creative and unique ways. Points and leaderboards might be an essential part of most gamification solutions, but we believe that in many occasions they are overemphasized and thus more creative gamification solutions are needed.

The workshop then focuses on teaching the participant how introduces the gamification solution to the target audience. Even when a gamification solution is user friendly, people cannot be integrated into it at once. It requires a skillful, delicate, and gradual process for people to adapt to an innovative gamification solution. In addition, once a gamification project is in place the job is not over. Gamification is about motivating people, thus, a gamification solution has to be constantly updated and it should never become dull to its users.

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