Social Innovation

Innovation Against Poverty is the compromise that The California Business Innovation Group has made to help empower the poorest communities around the world through innovation. We are true believers that innovation is inclusive, thus it should be available to all. We believe that regardless of economic condition or academic background everyone has the potential to be an innovator.

With the support of ThinkFun, we are working on an ambitious initiative that aims to empower low-income children throughout Latin America by teaching them to code. The fact that most of these children have little technological background makes our goal quite challenging, however. Thus, we rely on Robot Turtles.

ThinkFun’s Robot Turtles is a truly innovative board game that introduces basic coding concepts to children. By simply playing the game, children (regardless of their technological background) immediately learn what it means to code, debug and use functions.

So far, Robot Turtles has allowed us to introduce coding to hundreds of children from the poorest communities of Latin America.