The Zebra Sleepover – Innovation Bootcamp ™

The Zebra Sleepover Bootcamp™ is a 48 hours long workshop that has as its objective to teach the participants how to design innovative value propositions. This workshop emphasizes theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills and it is aimed at startups and business owners who want to learn the fundamentals of generating new business ideas in a controlled environment.

What makes The Zebra Sleepover Bootcamp™ different from other workshops is that this workshop places all its emphasis in teaching techniques and tools to the participants, which will ensure that the next business idea that the participant will generate will be completely innovative in its nature and not just a copy or a variation of something that already exists.

A business model should not serve as a referential frame or a checklist where one can see what needs to be done and what already has been done towards completing a project; this is what agendas are for. In a business model lies a huge opportunity for a company to think, design, and implement a proposal of unique value, thus creating a new market free from competition.

No matter the sector or industry of your company or project, your business model should aim to be innovative: launching an idea, product or service completely different from the ones that already exist.

The Zebra Sleepover Bootcamp™ teaches participants how to generate innovative ideas from scratch and how to include them in their business models. The workshop also emphasizes nonconventional techniques on how to present an innovative project to difficult audiences.

The Zebra Sleepover Bootcamp™ requires participants to be fully committed to working individually and as a team in a very creative and efficient manner. With duration of 48 hours, the workshop requires participants to work around the clock and under pressure, thus participants need to be willing to put in emotional and physical effort. The results tend to be surprising and very satisfying for participants.

The Zebra Sleepover Bootcamp™ is available in the following languages: English, Chinese Mandarin, and Spanish.

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