What we do and how we do it

Innovation is our core business. Innovation implies two main phases: the development of a new business idea and the implementation of mechanisms of acceptance designed to help the consumer adopt the new business concept. We take care of both.

At The California Business Innovation Group we walk with our clients throughout the entire process of innovation. We first use our own creativity methodology to help our clients develop themselves a fully innovative and unique business idea. With a new business idea in mind, we then carry out cognitive techniques designed to help us discover mental associations in the minds of consumers, which we then use to achieve the acceptance of our client’s new business idea in the market. Once we have an original business idea with significant potential to be accepted by the market, we move on to materializing the innovation process by generating a prototype of the new idea through design, which we finally launch into the market.

Our innovation strategy guarantees that the supply side will develop a truly original idea, while ensuring that demand side will accept it. As a result, our strategy allows our clients to generate a new market, free from competitors.

The California Business Innovation Group is one of few consulting firms that has developed its own innovation pipeline. As part of our services, our methodology is transmitted to our clients in order to enable them to systematize the development and launching of new products and services, and make innovation a part of the culture of their companies.


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